Do you worry that you are not offering your best to your students?

I felt the same. After a year of teacher training, substitute teaching, hours and hours of reading, even starting a Master’s program, I just felt like I wasn’t getting what I really needed to be effective in the classroom. It took some terrible student teaching experiences and meeting like-minded educators in the most unlikely of places for me to realize that the answers weren’t in a standard teacher education course. I needed to spend some time on paths less taken before I started to truly get in touch with who I am as an educator, a caretaker, and leader.

My name is Ryan Francis, and I want to help you be the best teacher you can possibly be. I want you to learn, in short order, what it took me nearly a decade of teaching to master, a way of teaching I have truly enjoyed once I hit upon it. There is no magic pill or potion — this will take work. But you are worth it, and so are your kids.

Peaceful teaching, teaching peace

I help educators master classroom management, build healthy relationships with their students, set appropriate expectations, and follow through. I’ll help you address your fears, manage your stress, and avoid some of the worst professional pitfalls. I love working with teachers like you because you WANT to learn, you WANT to give your best, you WANT to BE the best — and most importantly, you care deeply about your students.

The majority of my work is done over the phone. You’re busy — between planning and correcting, eating and sleeping — and I like to be able to meet when you have that hour to really sit and reflect. Talking over the phone lets us maximize that time. Prefer Skype, Hangouts, or FaceTime? We can do that, too.

Schedule a mini-session with me so we can talk about where you are in your journey and how I might help you. I want the best for you, what do you want?

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